RELATIONSHIPS: Advice To Those Seeking Love

Before you enter into any relationship with a serious person, always make a thorough check about yourself.

Know what you want and be with an aim of getting in that relationship.

Don’t enter a relationship if you don’t know how to conduct yourself; cut the conversations short or say no to other people who are interested in you.

Don’t enter into any relationship if you still gonna play games behind the person you love.
Lady in love
Don’t enter a relationship if you still gonna act like you are single.

Don’t enter into a serious relationship if you still gonna be a flirt and give out your numbers to whomever shows interest in you.

Don’t enter a relationship if you aren’t ready to drop some habits like partying all the time, accepting free drinks or lifts from anyone.

Don’t enter a relationship if you really don’t know what you want. Please save someone from wasting his or her energy, money
and time on you.

Be open and save somebody from breaking his or her heart.

Don’t use someone for your own benefit. Have mercy for the innocent hearts.

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