Must Read Testimony: Dorica Makore Testifies How God Saved Her From Death And Blessed Her

I just want to share my testimony and to appreciate what God has done for me in my life. Maybe there's someone going through the same trials that I went through or there is someone about to give up on their lives rejecting God's purpose for the season that you are going through.
By Dorica Lukwani Makore

 I was once a cross-border trader. During one of my trips in 2006 on the 21st of May i went to Botswana.  After my shopping i departed Botswana that same night but couldn't get a straight bus to Harare.
Dorica Lukwane Makore
When I got to Bulawayo with my colleagues we slept at a Petrol station since it was late to get transport to proceed with our journey. Around  04:00hrs we boarded a Mun***zva bus to Harare.  I got my seat behind the driver but was asked to shift because they had reserved the space for luggage   so I shifted to the 4th roll  from the driver's seat. After short distance to Shangani we collided with a haulage truck. I remember crying and praying though I was not a born again Christian. I still remember whilst trapped there was a lady who was trapped with me asking me to shift a little but i couldn't, she asked again desperately that if I can just move a little she can survive but my efforts to move were in vain (ndakamuti musacheme ngatinamate) don't cry let us Pray. Within a while I tried to talk to her but she had already passed on! During all this trauma the bus rolled over the second time, I couldn't believe what I was seeing blood everywhere and dead bodies all over. I was taken to Shangani Hospital where after seeing my condition they couldn't help me it needed hospitals with big equipment. They transferred me to Gweru Hospital where i was airlifted to Parirenyatwa Hospital. I got help just when my condition was drawing close to death because I had lost a lot of Blood.

I was admitted for 4 momths  recovering from my multiple fractures. That's when I gave my life to Jesus. Started reading the Bible at times almost the whole day seeking answers. When I was discharged on a wheel chair from hospital I faced rejection even from my marriage and decided to break up with the father of my 1st Son.

 One day whilst my sister and physiotherapist were pushing me on a wheel chair to hospital for physio exercise we met Apostle Pride Sibiya and I was a bit un-polite to him not knowing he was God-sent to help me. He prophesied into my life that God will raise me from the wheel chair that God's name may be exalted. With the help, prayer and encouragement from  Apostle P. Sibiya and Mom Apostle A. Sibiya the prophecy came to pass I got up from the wheel chair and got married with a wedding. The God who fought for me can do it for you don't give up just be faithful. If God saved me from an accident that claimed 28 people your situation is just what he can handle best. From a wheel chair single-mother to a happily married wife. My husband is a dream which came to life. And today God is just showing his hand upon my life I had given up on everything but he restored. He is a faithful God and there's none like him.

 Doctors had said I will never walk again but am walking. I can even go round the city of  Johannesburg on foot. I can even wear high heels (gogo). The doctors that operated me will not believe that I'm walking because they thought I would not walk. Am now a mother of two boys and am hapily married Thank you almighty Jehovah you changed my sorrow tears into joy.

Special appriciation to Apostle P. Sibiya and Apostle A Sibiya, my Mom, my Sister Beauty, family and friends for standing with me.

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