MUST READ: The Tale Of The Empty Fridge

I walk into my house, hungry, I open the fridge, and there is nothing interesting there. I go into the bedroom, change into a short, go switch on the TV, catch up with news for a few minutes. 

But then am still hungry. So I go back to the fridge, open it again like I didnt open it the first time. Somehow my mind thinks, maybe food has been transfered to my fridge somehow via bluetooth, or it was doing hide and seek with me so it's somewhere behind the container of water.

However, there is still no food. The fridge is still empty. So I decide, fine, let me drive out. Now, I can't find my car keys. I spend the next twenty minutes looking for my car keys, wishing they had a beeper I could call and they beep their location. After twenty minutes, I find my keys, on top of the fridge. Now am very hungry and upset with myself.

So what do I do? Well, the natural thing I do when am hungry. I open the fridge again. Ouch, I can hear a small voice telling me "you fool, this is the third time you are opening the fridge, are you expecting miracle food." I answer back, "shut up, is it your fridge?"Am just hungry, a hungry man is an angry man.

But even in anger, the fridge is still empty...!
The Tale Of The Empty Fridge
Is this not how most of us approach life? You have not done anything to develop yourself. You still have the same qualifications you have had since the time of Zinjathropus.... and Sir Cecil Rhodes was your classmate, but somehow you expect life to change.
It can't. Life doesn't change without investing in personal development. A lot of us keep expecting our lives to just change, somehow, without any effort on our part. Your marriage is not ok, you leave home and go for work, then you come back home, and expect to find things have changed. No ways. Success is intentional, it doesn't happen by chance.

You can't take a "wait and see attitude" and expect things to change. The only thing that will change is your age, the rest will remain the same. If you want change, get up daily and go do something, push, hustle ... Otherwise you will always go back to the fridge and still find it empty. Food can't grow by chance if you don't do anyting.

Its time to work.
Get up.
Mudson Ng'andu!
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