What you do with the first 25 years of your life determines what your last 75 years will be like. Many who refused to study hard in school or in their giftings and talents then are now working manual and menial jobs they never imagined. They always regret how they fared in the first 25 of their life.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
However 100 years is nothing compared to eternity. You regret what you did in the first phase of your life, do not be unwise to regret while in hell. What you do with your 100 years here on earth determines where you will spend eternity...heaven or hell. CONTINUE READING! You may criticise me and say Apostle Sibiya is after money, hee vafundisi vanotora vakadzi vevanhu, machechi anezvidhakwa(Apostles and Church is sinful) but all of these excuses will not justify you before the judgement throne. Eh hatirambe vafundisi ngavasadaro asi inga kuchikoro maticha aibata vana, makazorega here kuendesa vana, inga mota dzaiurayisa vanhu pamigwagwa makarega here kukwira?(did you stop life exercises because of abuse)  Hama yangu this is a serious issue, you may even critique this message all you like and say this is not good preaching but that won't buy you salvation. I am not here to be the best speaker or writer, I am a servant of God sent to tell you that you should receive Jesus and live by His statutes because He is coming!

A better life after death starts with receiving Jesus Christ in this life. Pray with me..."Lord Jesus Christ please come into my heart now, I am a sinner and please wash me in your blood and forgive me. You are my Lord and saviour from today."

Hama namata uchiri mupenyu, seri kweguva hakuna munyengetero, namata uchiri mupenyu (worship God while alive, you cannot worship Him in the grave). When you are at the judgement seat do not regret having seen this message and ignored Christ or passing it on so others may be saved.


Be In Church!

Apostle Pride Sibiya

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