MUST READ: "Go And Marry A Prostitute!"

God, against His own former Word declares to His prophet to take Gormer, a worthless woman, a harlot. She left him foe prostitution. As people would discuss,ask and write about this wonder Hosiah would tell them that that is exactly what they did: forsake their husband for idolatry with foreign gods.
Apostle Pride Sibiya

This is the condition of parts of the Body of Christ. We have left our husband for strange gods and as a result God days He will break our bow:the power to wage war. It is no wonder that Christians who are not supposed to be bewitched run from prophet to prophet in search of the one who can stop their enemies. This is not the original intention of God over His bride. It is because our bow had been broken! It is no wonder we pray for food while we claim to be in the Kingdom. I never pray for food, I pray for MEGA SOULS, ko ndomisodzi yangu-ka. Praying for food is a sign of insecurity. There is no space for insecurity in the Kingdom of God.
Sex worker
This thing of the world having more of every good thing than the Kingdom of God is an evil on the earth: IT IS NOT NORMAL. However it happens because when the Church rejected knowledge of God, power and resources the occult moved in and did exactly what the people of God were supposed to do thereby manipulating our resources:
Satanists tithe following Malachi, do you? Muslims pay ajar, do you? They own almost all the oil in the world, what do you have?
Witches sacrifice even their children following Abraham, can you sacrifice $100 for God's work? They now fly in winnowing baskets.
Demons are united in purpose, don't you fight over boyfriends and girlfriends right in the sanctuary?
Occultic people fast, do you? They now can make rain.
The Illuminati raises serious arts stars, where is the Church? Who has better videos us or M.J or Jah. ..
Who has better "prophets" the Church or sangomas?
While Freemasonry makes world leaders the Church hopes to be in the line to vote.

The church must rise! Are we what God purposed for us to be? Hosiah, go again and take a wife of harlotry (3)tell her to never again fall for her past lovers. In this week God is calling us again to Himself, to our original position of dominion (Gen 1:26)

5-6, 1-2 and 6-8 for prayer. Raise alters in the land and destroy every facade of idolatry.

We forsook our mandate then you expect to have the same level.

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