Must Read: Did You Know This About Hugging?

There is no level of maturity that should make anyone careless with other people's feelings and emotions.

Yes, there are people you may hug out of genuine love and friendship and not for anything, but you can't actually determine how it will affect them. Most men will feel something different when your breast touches them, not to mention when you throw it on their chest and arms.

Hugging may not mean anything to you, but it may pass a lot of message to the other person, so if you don't want your good to be evil spoken of, then you must keep away from hugs.
Can you imagine me as a married man hugging anyone that opens her arms, how would it affect my wife is she continually sees me hugging other women. How would I feel also if I find my wife always hugging guys? In other not to give people negative impression about yourself, keep the hug.

YET to others like friends, close family members, sons and daughters a hug may be understood as a way of acceptance, agape love, cherishing one another and a sign of family. In times of mourning a hug means a lot! In desperate times a hug means, "we are together!" So ultimately it depends with who you are hugging, why, the occasion, how you hug and all. Hugging a person, bringing them too close to your chest, having your hands over their shoulder or under their belt is indicative of another kind of love other than the agape. While other hugs are "guilty" others are just "innocent."
To Anna, my wife, I wish you would, tightly, hug me right now and tell me that everything is going to be okay! One day, if we are faithful, we will hug the Lord Jesus Christ, if we receive Him now and work for Him faithfully!

What is your wish?

God bless you.

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