Must Read: Adding Value To Your Love Relationship

Add value to your relationship by listening more. True love has listening ears and a considerate heart. You frustrate your partner when you're only good at rattling and not at listening.

When you dominate the communication space in a way to intimidating your partner with your opinions, and every thing that happens in your relationship is traceable solely to your input and dictates, then, you'll soon walk alone.

Domineering tendencies are threats to effective communication.
Now do these:
Listen more — to service effective collaboration and intimacy.
Listen more — to sustain an impression that you are approachable.
Listen more — to send a message that you're not self-sufficient.

Anyone relating with you wants to see that you have a genuine interest in him/her. When you're not competing with your partner, you'll share moments of chat-fellowship,  you'll feel secure listening and you'll give him/her the confidence of self expression.

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