MUST READ: 4 Life Lessons Learnt Beyond This Bicycle.

Greetings friends. There was I once again having a photo-shoot for one of my albums. Approaching is a tired middle-aged man pumping all his strength to keep his bicycle moving. That's when the idea invaded my mind. My pictures could be enhanced by his bicycle. 

By Vimbayi Zimuto, Musician (Edited By Apostle Pride Sibiya)

I politely asked him to help us with his bicycle and he gladly consented. I took a number of shots and after a few minutes we were through with the bicycle-shoot! he just stood by admiring what we were doing. He gave us a chilling Zimbabwean smile as he received back his bicycle. He seemed to want to rush-off. Obviously, I had prepared a "small something" to appreciate his kind gesture, so as he was about to rush off, I slid some "greens" into his hands. He looked at the amount(I will not say, how much), looked intently at me and dropping tears said, "sisi God has answered me. This is the exact amount for all my children's school fees!" I had just made a grown man to cry! a few lessons I learnt:
Vimbayi Zimuto
1. God uses people to reach out to people. If I did not give him he would have not gotten God's answer, at least then. Always be used by God to touch someone.

2. If you think little is useless, try a little poison. A little mosquito keeps a great giant awake. What I thought was "little money" in my world, meant the world to another. Never despise "little help."

3. It pays to be good. The man was extremely welcoming to us, for no apparent reason or compensation and ultimately got his children's fees. Because he was good to us, we felt obliged to be good to him...guys, what you sow is what you reap.

4. Money is not everything. We had a few greenbacks, a great photo-shoot from one of the land's photographer, yet we did not have a bicycle to ice the cake. A man too poor to afford a bus-ride hence cycled for more than 10 kilometres daily to and from work brought the beauty to the shoot! Thank God for him! love everyone, no matter your social status, I need you and you need me.

I can go on and on. In short, "there is a story behind every picture, behind every girl, behind every bicycle! god at the centre of it all!

Tell me what you learnt from this story!

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