Must Pray This: Warfare Prayer Against Marital Delay And Frustration

Have you been struggling with getting married? Are you always facing rejection and disappointment in relationship, are you facing frustration concerning your marriage? Are you of marriageable age and no man is asking you out . This prayer is for you. Pray with expectation in your heart and pray with sensitivity. Your story is about to change

Pray this prayer with Psalm 114 , 72 and Isaiah 60.

1.Every yoke of marital bondage placed upon my life, break by fire in Jesus name.

2.Every power behind my frustration in life, be arrested in Jesus name.

3.I release myself from every captivity of darkness affecting my life in Jesus name.

4.O Lord, deliver me from every household wickedness delaying my marital fulfillment in Jesus name.

5.Every satanic voice speaking negatively against my settling down in marriage be silenced in Jesus name.

6.O Lord, arise, visit the foundation of my life by fire in Jesus name.

7.Every covenant known or unknown frustrating  my marital destiny, break by fire in Jesus name.

8.Thou agent of darkness, obstructing my due prophecy be arrested in Jesus name.

9.O Lord, speak the word of settlement directly to my situation in Jesus name.
10.Almighty father, cancel every hand writing of frustration and affliction working against me in Jesus name.

11.Every covering of darkness placed upon me that has not allowed my husband to locate me, break in Jesus name.

12.Father, cancel every mark of rejection placed upon me today in Jesus name.

13.O Lord, connect me speedily with my designed husband in Jesus name.

14.Every marine spirit/ spiritual husband and negative initiations manipulating my marital settlement destroy by fire in Jesus name.

15.O Lord wherever my destiny husband is tied down, release him today by fire in Jesus name.

16.I put off and throw into fire today every garment of shame and reproach placed upon me in Jesus name.

17.Father, whatever need to happen for my joy to be full this year, let it happen in Jesus name.

18. O Lord, fight the battle of my life for me and give me victory on all sides in Jesus name.

19.I destroy the operations of the power of the night over my marital destiny in Jesus name.

20.Everything in my life that needs to be removed for my marital destiny to be fulfilled, remove them speedily O Lord in Jesus name.

21.O God of mercy, by your mercy open my heaven of marital testimony in Jesus name.

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