MEN: What Women Need Like Now Part 2

Most Men find it difficult to be honest and open with their feelings to their wives,  unknown to them Women crave this more.

Most Men still try to be tough before their wives, try to put up a "Man of steel" display before their wives.

Sir, It's okay to be vulnerable, and emotional before her, she's your Wife or Wife to be,

A woman wants to know her husband's fears, his weakness, his greatest secrets, trust her with them, she wants him to be "naked to her and not ashamed",  then she feels safe and free to reciprocate, trust him with her own secret and her everything, .
Black woman
You were thinking i wouldn't mention this?
No way.
Even if she were a millionaire, your money means more to her than hers.

Every Woman wants the financial support and backing of her husband or fiance, forget Ndi "feminists" oh.

As you spend on her, she feels loved and valued. She's not being materialistic, no, she's being a Woman.
Women naturally seek comfort, so seek to provide her that via your moneyyyyyyyy.

Yes, Women desire commitment.
If they love you, they want to marry you.
If they marry you, they want children
They always seek deeper connections,

They want you to keep to your words, commit to your promises, be there for her, for the kids, do right by your family
Be Responsible...

No, she's not lost
No, she's not clueless or stupid
She can as well lead herself,

But when she decides to become your wife and accepts your being her head, she voluntarily allows you play that role.
So step up.
Spiritually and otherwise.

...............When you are constantly doing all these, her Submission will come naturally on auto pilot, she will happily follow your leadership, take your corrections, easily forgive your short comings, respect you, honor you, she will surrender everything about herself to you and do anything to make you happy,
Loving a Woman isn't as easy as it seems,
That's why you start learning by Loving her God.
I hope this helps somebody our there..

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