There is no doubt that women are more emotional than men. And though they may think more with their heart – that doesn’t mean they are emotional fools.

When a woman loves, she loves truly and deeply and never leaves any stone un-turned to make her man happy.

She gives her 100% to her relationship… but if he thinks he can fool her, play with her feelings and mess with her heart and believes she will keep coming back to him and forgiving him for his mistakes, then he is very much mistaken!
Love is in the air
A woman is emotional but not weak. She keeps coming back to you because she loves you with complete dedication and conviction… but she can’t forgive a man forever.

And once she is done waiting, done crying and done trying… she moves on and never look back.

She may be delicate and soft on the outside but a woman is so much stronger and more determined on the inside that you could ever dream.

She won’t play the victim, but will face her situation head on with courage and defiance."

She really loves beyond reasons, but remember even a saint has its own limits, dont fool yourself but you must  love her genuinely.




Kenryz A Ayuku

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