MEGA CHURCH SERIES: Apostle Sibiya Teaches 10 Points On Preparing For A Mega Church

Apostle Pride Sibiya took time to speak to Glory Ministries's leaders and these included District Pastors and Overseers. It is important to note that Satan wants your church to remain small.

Here are 10 points that Apostle P. Sibiya took time to teach the Glory Ministries leadership:

1. Desire: You need to have a passion that is like a cruel slave-master who beats you till you accomplish. It is a strong passion for ...! Be passionate for many souls and never let any challenge stop your passion for mega souls and churches ... Mega Souls Ndomisodzi Yangu Baba!

But desire in itself is not enough ...! If just having desire was enough all pastors would have been having mega-churches. Continue reading to get more!

By Apostle Pride Sibiya

2. Vision: Yes you have a vision of the ministry and your church! But do you have a vision for the mega-church?

- What do you see in the eye of your mind?
- Are you just seeing the people you have or you see the people you have as leaders for the people you will have?
- Are you effectively communicating your vision to your people?
- Are they not confused about what you want to be done?
- Are you personally living out the vision?
- Are your messages in sync with what you are trying to build or you preach a different message every weekend?

3. Holy Ghost: He is the owner of the church and He knows where and how the church will prosper.

Even when you are the "Founder" always know that you are the physical representation of the real owner, the Holy Spirit. Let me control both you and your church.

Allow him to be the "major," the "general" and the one who venerates Jesus, not just you.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
4. Move in the supernatural: When you are in sync with the Holy Spirit, now move in the supernatural according to your level and measure of grace and faith. Preach prophetically, cast out devils, heal the sick, raise the dead, pray for people ... just flow with the Spirit! 
Don't fear!

5. Move in the natural: You also need to move in the natural. Ignoring this level is dangerous. Visit people at home and when they are not feeling well, plan, greet people, smile, administer excellently.

6. Time management: If you respect time, it will respect you! If you don't it won't! Many organised people leave Church because of not respecting people. If a church service or event is to start at a certain time, let it start and finish at the times. Plan ahead of time.
7. Fisherman wisdom: Jesus called us to make us fishers-of-men! Fisher should learn from fishermen! To get a certain type of fish and quantities you should know what kind of tools you need! You cannot get a truck-load of fish by using a fishing rod. Studying the fisherman will help you a lot.

8. Sell yourself and what you are doing: Let us get this straight servant of God: people do not come to you because you are "anointed," at least initially. People come because they have a need and feel you can help. Whether the need is marital counselling, deliverance, life coaching or whatever need. It is only after you attempt this that you can then hook them to the word of the Kingdom.

9. Anagkazo and Biazo: This I got from Bishop Dag Heward-Mills. Angkazo is passionate, insisting, compelling evangelism that never takes, "no' for the final answer. Biazo is shamelessness in doing God's work. I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God!

10. Retention strategies: You need to have great retention strategies. your church must be designed to be a sinner-friendly church. Be a Jesus, not a Pharisee! Welcoming visitors warmly is a great thing, it costs nothing to be good, smiley and cosy! Have small groups and cell groups

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