MARRIEDS MUST READ: Fight For Your Marriage NOW!

Every marriage has its own set of problems. Great bishops, politicians or ordinary people all have challenging moments in their relationships. I have seen the rich fight yet poor people do. 

When you are going through a tough time in marriage, it always feels like yours is the worst. Yes your problems may be unique but trust me you are not the only ones having a difficult time. These problems have a tendency of clouding your judgement (magnifying your problems). I believe the Lord has sent me to remind you that it's not as bad as it feels. Your wife/husband is not that bad!

Reading this, I know you are saying, 'Apostle, you don't understand'. Let me make it very clear, you could be correct that it's now really very bad YET I am convinced that 'YOU', yes 'YOU CAN FIGHT THIS'. Do not let the enemy of marriage win, you are stronger than this my friend! Satan is against your marriage because if you stay strong breakthroughs are coming and wealth is coming! 

He hates marriage because it reminds him of the wedding between the Lamb of God and the church! 

Today receive Jesus Christ and be strong!

You have come too far to give up now. Push your emotions aside, snap out of childish anger and start FIGHTING FOR YOUR MARRIAGE. You've fought beasts larger than this and surely you can move this mountain. OFCAUSE if there's anything worth fighting, your marriage is!


Praying for you!

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