Exceptionality: 11 Top Tips Of Doing Things Professionally

Professionalism is defined as the behaviour you exhibit while at work. As a professional, there are certain traits people expect to see in you regularly. These are the few ways on how to remain professional at the workplace.

1. Be Punctual. One of the personality traits of a good professional is the ability to arrive at the work station on time. The sage said: punctuality is the soul of business. It is the politeness of kings and queens.

2. Practice Etiquette. Etiquette is politeness or courtesy. We also call it civility or decorum. It is the beauty of good manners. Be courteous to all but intimate to few.

3. Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude. Every staff member must come to work with a positive mental attitude. Be cheerful and look very bright. Wear a mile-wide smile. Don't transfer your insuperable house problems to the workplace. Zig Ziglar put it this way: It is your attitude, not aptitude, that determines your altitude.
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4. Dress Decently at all Times. Dressing is such an integral part of being a professional. Every staff member must learn to dress properly at all times. Put on well-ironed clothes. Take care of your hair.

Dressing professionally tells a lot about your personality and disposition. It will determine how people perceive you. Therefore, don't dress like a large scale farmer of bhang.

You dress the way you want to be addressed. People address you the way you dress. So, stop ranting and chanting 'My dress, My Choice'.

Keep yourself well-groomed and always pay attention to your personal hygiene.

5. Tame the Sting of your Tongue. It is extremely important that we watch what we say, where we work, even what we tell students. Words are like bullets. Words are like arrows. Once released, it is impossible to retrieve them. There is power in the spoken word.

The good book says: Life and death are in the power of the tongue. As a professional, don't use obscene, vulgar language. Don't curse people. Shun vile verbal duels, gossips and godless chatters Avoid unnecessary fights and feuds fueled by a wanton war of words. Don't engage in petty politics and polemics.

6. Share Knowledge. A true professional is always willing to lend a helping hand to his or her colleagues. Share the specialised knowledge, and assist your fellow colleagues in case you have the wherewithal.

Somewhere I read: Sharing is caring. When you share information, you may reap some immense benefits. The world does not reward you for what you know, but it rewards you for what you do with what you know.

7. Respect Yourself and Others. Every person must respect himself or herself in the place of work. It is also important to respect your colleagues at work. Be polite at all times to fellow colleagues, even when provoked. Respect is two-way traffic. So, for you to be respected, respect others too.

8. Control your Anger. The workspace is an area where you must learn to regulate your anger. Have some emotional intelligence. Even if you heat your anger to what magnitude, it cannot boil yummy yams.
Robin Sharna puts it this way: An excellent way to control your temper is simply to count from 1 to 100 before you respond to someone who has irritated you.

9. Don't Peddle Cheap Lies. Do not lie. Don't be petty and pedantic. Don't be childish, foolish and doltish. Stop conjuring scarulous stories that don't exist. Avoid being a big fat liar. Be straight-forward. Don't doctor things. It is not good to be dubious. Dishonesty and lack of integrity never make anyone look good. Be honest and calm at all times. Never expose your dirty linen in public. Professionals must ensure they do not expose their dirty linen in public.

10. Learn to Keep Secrets. Avoid giving out too much information. Keep confidential information confidential. Keep the secrets of the institution. Don't tear your colleagues like a piece of paper. Be wise, not otherwise.

11. Follow Company Policies. Every true professional must obey all company policies.

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