Deliverance: What Is An Evil Spiritual Marriage?

A spiritual marriage is a marriage relationship between a human being and a spiritual being. Genesis 6:1-4. Spiritual marriages supersede physical marriages because the spiritual realm supersedes and dictates what happen in the physical realm. 

A spiritual marriage is kept in place by evil covenants that you may be or not be aware of. It is therefore possible to be married in the spirit realm and not know it. Whatever you are dedicated to you are married to. Idol worshipers are therefore married to their idols in the same way that Christians are married to Christ. Ephesians 5:31-32.

Not only are they married to their idols but to also marry every member of their household even yet unborn to their idols. Therein lies the root of collective captivity. A spiritual spouse is a spiritual entity that exists in the spirit realm, a spirit being to whom a human is married. Examples are marine and ancestral spirit husbands. Since it is first the spiritual realm and then the physical, the spiritual spouse has a higher claim over a person than the physical spouse.

This claim will remain in place until the evil covenants keeping the relationship in place are broken.
Your husband could be a lizard or a serpent depending on what idols your family worships.

Sometimes you have generational spirit spouse to whom all the men or all the women in a particular family have been married. In the dream, this manifests as you and your daughter sharing the same man friend or as you and your son having the same woman. The spiritual spouse is a thief because he is stealing what really belongs to your earthly spouse. Not only that, every time he or she has a sexual encounter with you in the dream, there is only one agenda which is to kill, steal, and destroy. John 10:10.

It is to pollute your spirit, soul and body; to kill your earthly marital relationships, and to steal good things from your life such as virtues. Therefore, major breakthroughs are aborted after having sex with them in the dream. Covenants are also reinforced and victims can be initiated into evil associations this way. Every time you encounter, goodness, and breakthroughs.

These are factors that tend to aggravate the attacks from spiritual spouses. Spiritually unclean environments such as polluted churches and pastors, polluted houses and workplaces.

1. Evil laying on of hands by unclean clergy and workers.
2. Watching or reading pornographic materials
3. Sexual looseness and promiscuity
4. Wearing provocative clothes such as extremely short and exposing dresses
5. Wearing items that originate from the marine world such as human hair pieces.
6. Where strongmen such as generational ancestral spirit spouses are on the rampage.
7. Unbroken covenants such as collective captivity, blood covenants, ancestral and marine dedication.

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