Deliverance: Symptoms Of A Life Under Attack Of A Spiritual Spouse

1. Marital distress and instability. If married cannot enjoy the marriage.
2. Have problems satisfying your physical spouse sexually but get satisfaction with the spirit spouse. 3. Having sexual relationship in the dream.
4. Encountering hatred in marriage and marital relationships.
5. Find it difficult to get married. Encountering frequent disappointment, rejection, and jilting in relationship with the opposite sex.
6. Jealous spirit spouses can kill anyone that gets serious about marrying you.
7. Barrenness.
Weak Relationships
8. Spirit spouses leave evil deposits behind that cause diseases such as low sperm, fibroids, and hormonal imbalance.
9. Cause hormonal imbalance, facial hair, and aggressiveness in women.
10. Introduces mark of rejection into the lives of their victims.
11. Ensure victims do profitless hard work.
12. Making wrong decisions.
13. Being around water or swimming in the dream.
14. Pregnancy or having babies in the dream
15. Having a family in the dream which you do not have in real life. For example you have another husband, another home, and another set of children in the spirit world that you see your dreams.
16. Seeing or feeling a strange being sleeping on your bed.
17. Having physical or spiritual miscarriage after have sex with spirit spouse in the dream.
18. Making unpardonable sexual errors.

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