Here are a few signs you must be wary of:

1. They cause late marriage or no marriage at all.

2. Rejection by the opposite sex.

3. Constant sex in the dream.

4. Chains of marital troubles.

5. Miscarriages after sex in the dream.

6. Inability to make love to your wife.

7. Serious pain when preparing to make love.
Deliverance: Signs Of Oppression From Spiritual Husbands And Wives!
Deliverance: Signs Of Oppression From Spiritual Husbands And Wives!
8. All decisions to remain single.

9. Early menopause.

10. Missing menstrual period in the dream.

11. Having a prolonged pregnancy.

12. Physical disappearance of a marriage ring.

13. Loss of job and valuables just after marriage ceremony.

14. When your loving spouse suddenly becomes your enemy.

15. When one is pregnant in the dream.

16. Breastfeeding in the dream and even seeing breast secreting milk physically.

17. Inability to conceive

18. Having evil or bad body odour.

19. Constant wet dreams.

20. Nursing children in a dream.
21. Dreaming of weddings.

22. Inability to maintain a holy life.

23. When one is always jilted by a serious partner.

24. Feeling tired every morning.

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