18+: MARRIED SEX: Making Your Lady Go Crazy Sexually Part 2.

Hope You Read Part 1 - (18+: MARRIED SEX: Making Your Lady Go Crazy Sexually (Part 2)

Try the “neck to nipples” technique: It has been scientifically proven that the area between a woman’s head and breasts can be very sensitive although it’s often overlooked by men.

It’s a huge part of her feminine sensuality, so she will love it if you explore this area. Use your finger, mouth, tongue and nose to feel it through all of your senses and connect with your partner like never before. Your moves need to be gentle enough because this is such a delicate area. Few men really know how to work this to their advantage – and believe me, they’re appreciated. So be one of them.

Massage the inner part of her legs:That inner part of her legs from the toes to the tops of the thighs is very sensitive for a woman because it’s connected to the clitoris, the most sensitive area in her body. Have your partner lie on her back with her legs relaxed and slightly apart. Start at the toes and work your way upwards, paying particular attention to the ankles, knees, and inner thighs.
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Take lubrication into account: Using a lubricant might help more than you can imagine.

Lubrication plays a huge role in the amount of pleasure women feel and sometimes women just don’t produce it enough naturally, which can make sex even painful and less enjoyable. The wetter she is, the better she’ll feel. So help increase all of those pleasurable sensations by adding a water-based lubricant to the game – you’ll hear her sexy moans immediately.
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If you have none handy, saliva can help, but be sexy in the way you apply it as there is a way you may spit that can put her off instantly.

Play with deep penetration: Finding her G-spot will be a pleasurable treat she won’t forget. So if you haven’t experienced it together, now is the time. The G spot is a small area (about the size of a quarter) about two inches inside the vagina on the upper wall. If you put your index finger inside her and make a stroking motion towards you (as if beckoning someone), you should be able to feel it (if she’s sexually aroused).

It will feel slightly rougher than the surrounding tissue. Stroking it or pressing firmly with one or two fingers while you stimulate the clitoris is one way to really intensify a woman’s orgasm. You can combine this by fliping her clit with your tongue as you stimulate the G-spot

Try these tricks to increase her pleasure instantly and become the hottest sex memory she’s ever had.  Also, these techniques increase pleasure for both of you, not just for her – so there’s no reason not to give them a chance.

A man must be committed to making his woman feel even more pleasure than usual. When it comes to sex and female pleasure, we learn new stuff every day. The secret is not to let your ego convince you that you already know everything – it’s a sure way to get bored with your partner. And I don’t want that for you.

By Gabrielle Moore

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