18+: MARRIED SEX: Making Your Lady Go Crazy Sexually (Part 1)

Vana Varara. Men, here are some notes. When they think about female pleasure, most men imagine deep penetration, but there are so many other small exciting details which can give her so much more pleasure than usual… and that you may overlook.

Some women can go crazy for sensual eye contact, others are strongly activated by a simple touch – female pleasure is just so much more than penetration. And by thinking you can give her the ultimate orgasm just by thrusting back and forth, you’re not only missing half of the fun, but you might also miss … her orgasm.
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The female orgasm is not a precise mechanism – it can’t be enabled by certain movements, delivered in a certain order … This changes on every encounter as well, what worked today may not have the same impact tomorrow, be creative. A lot of sensual and even mental pieces are involved. And if you want to rock her world in ways she’s never even imagined, you have to show her more diversity than she usually gets.

Make sure to stimulate her mentally. Our brain is so powerful that it can help us achieve orgasm through visual stimulation alone (in our sleep) – and a lot of women experience this in their lifetime. So it would be a mistake to immediately get to physical stimulation, overlooking the most powerful sexual organ: her brain.
You can tease her imagination by touching her wrist subtly while saying something sexy, like: “I can’t wait to be inside of you” (you may not even be home). The idea here is not to jump straight to penetration but to build sexual tension between you too. Make her wet using your words and your eyes. And when you’ll finally get to the physical stuff, everything will feel more intense. also make use of Whatsapp to "sext" her, telling her you miss her.

Tell her you miss her body and you cant wait to quench your lust for it e.t.c promise to take care of her sexual needs too, tell her you will make her feel like a real woman and make her enjoy womanhood ...!

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By Gabrielle Moore

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