MUST READ: Why Does Your Spouse Refuse To Kiss? People Respond!

Hello. After asking people why many spouses refuse to kiss their partner, we got these results unedited from the people(Apostle gives his final view later), which need all of us, married people to improve:

1. The issue of a smell mouth is one of the greatest. People should take good care of their oral health. This includes issues to do with oral thrush, infections and smelling mouth.

2.Because some spouses cannot kiss properly. french kiss must be soft and tender but some fail to do it properly.
3. Some drink alcohol, masese chaiwo and smoke then want to kiss you deeply without brushing their teeth.

4. Some people bite other people's lips instead of tenderly kissing them.

5. Some do not know how to control their saliva flow. Unozadzwa mate mukanwa.

6. Not drinking water makes the mouth stuffy. It hurts to kiss people who do not drink much water.
7. Amama munhu achisekerera wotoona beans, sadza nematemba , haadi kugeza mazino obva ati ngatikisanei...haaa kana!(Guys, a person does not wash off residues of food then wants to kiss you, you can see the sadza, thick porridge, beans and kapenta...ah no I will not).

Here's Apostle Sibiya's opinion: Oral health must be effected in all our lives. Though we have economic challenges, let us try to go and visit a dentist twice or even once annually. We also need to take good care of our mouths, cleaning our mouths, tongues, gums and tongues by brushing and flossing. We should not demean one another but speak as couples concerning oral hygiene issues so that our health and marriages are not compromised.
Pray always too!

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