MUST READ: Civilized Ways To Show Courtesy

Courtesy costs nothing but is very valuable. It should be taught in all schools and the message pinned in every public place.

1. In case you miss a call, drop a message as soon as possible if you're unable to call back.

2. Payback borrowed money as soon as possible no matter how little the amount is. Do not opt to clear your personal needs first at the cost of your lender's personal needs. IT'S BAD MANNERS!

Don't assume that they don't need it, and never make them ask you for it.

3. Do not ask for a lift and make the person wait for you. Instead, position yourself at a convenient place so that they do not have to divert from their route.

4. Turn the volume down when you're watching a video, playing music or playing a game on your phone in a public place or, better yet, use headphones.

5. Don't press your phone or use headphones when someone is having a conversation with you.

Unplug the headsets from your ears even if nothing is playing and give them your undivided attention.

6. When using someone else's phone or computer, don't go through their stuff without permission.

7. Always leave the last piece of meat for the person who bought it unless they insist they won't eat it.

8. Don't use loudspeaker of the phone to have a two-person conversation unless you are unable to hold the phone.

9. When someone else cooks for you, offer to help clean the kitchen.

10. If you stay the night at someone's house, make the bed or fold the blankets before you leave.

11. Don't let your arguments escalate in public. Find someplace else to continue arguing where others won't feel uncomfortable or interested.

12. If you ask your friends for help with some housework, feed them.

13. When someone buys you food or coffee, try to return the favour at some point.

14. When you borrow someone's car, fill up the tank when you return it. If you've had it for a prolonged period of time, service it as a way of saying 'thank you.'

15. Whatever you borrow, return it in its best condition as a sign of gratitude.

16. Don’t pick up a call while you are engaged in conversation without excusing yourself.

17. Make sure you don't forget to return that book you borrowed.

18. Do not take up a house pet and neglect to feed and care for it.

19. When someone gives you a gift, no matter how small it is or the way it was presented, even if it isn't up to your expectation, just say 'Thank You.'

20. 'I'm sorry', 'forgive me', 'thank you', 'pardon', 'excuse me', 'I understand', ... are all courtesy phrase that should forever be in ones vocabulary. They display manners and manners breed 'favour'.

21. Do not always be the receiver in any relationship. Try to also give, no matter how small.
22. When you have someone older than you who is friendly and makes himself free with you, speak to them with respect.

23. Don't feel too big to be corrected or reject good advice because you feel it's your life... Life is a ring; the next blow can come anytime.

24. When you receive messages on social media, try and reply. Don't feel too proud, maybe because you are a celebrity. Remember, no one knows tomorrow.

25. Do not send someone a 'call me back' or 'pay forward' when you are the one in need of their assistance, or worse still, want to borrow from them. Show some courtesy and fund that message.

26.When someone sends you money on your phone be sure to notify the sender once you receive the money and remember to say thank you. It costs nothing.

DON'T STOP LEARNING. We are never too wise to learn.
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