MUST READ: Big House VS Small House: Usual Witchcraft From Small Houses

Many visits to both prophets and traditional healers by women have something to do with the need to either get a man of their own, rip another woman of their husband or protect their own husband from another woman. 

This opens a way for demonic infiltration leading to witchcraft to "win." These are some of the effects of that witchcraft:

1. C1ause your husband to see you as unattractive. Many men who are bewitched by side-chicks tend to find their beautiful wives "ugly."

2. Cause you to have unstoppable menstrual flow, so as to stop intimate relations between you and your husband.

3. Cause you to go insane. When you go insane it will be difficult for your husband to have you.

4. Cause you to give-up, on your marriage and on God. While the Bible allows divorce because of infidelity, witchcraft causes both husband and wife to easily give up on marriage.

5. Cause your husband to lose erections, potency and fertility when he wants to be intimate with you. When your husband goes to them they regain their prowess.

6. Cause your husband to forget their family. Bewitched men hate their own children and take good care of the side-chick's children.

When you are fighting against spiritual forces of witchcraft never attempt to fight that war from the physical: "We do not fight against flesh and blood..." (Ephesians 6:12). Marriage is a Holy institution set up by God and Satan hates it passionately. Your enemy is Satan! Both you and the side-chick are equally loved by God!

Always know that no witchcraft can succeed against a faithful child of God (Numbers 23:23). men, you may think you are enjoying but you are under a demonic spell and yoke. You need deliverance!

Stand with me as we start a war against this witchcraft: "Lord I pray for my brother and sister reading this. 

We declare that no weapon forged against this marriage will stand. we cut all soul-ties affecting this marriage and release them and their spouse to be free from the yoke of demonic oppression, in Jesus' Mighty name. Amen"

Written By Apostle Pride Sibiya
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