MUST READ: Are You Ready For Marriage This Year?

Marriage is not for stingy will cost you money, time and your dreams. Marriage won't be right for you if he or she isn't a giver! 

Moreover If you are giving your best to someone and it`s not good enough for them , you`r giving your best to the wrong person.

Dear Ladies

Not every man who approaches you is actually ready for a serious relationship leading to marriage. Many are only seeking for fornication partners to keep them busy till their life partners turn up. Don't let societal pressure push you into scam relationships. Ladies listen, men don't marry because of beauty, you can date a guy for ages and give him sex each and everyday but when it comes to marriage, men look beyond sex, boobs, big ass and beauty.

Your charisma will send you far but your character will bring you back.

Dear Gentleman

Not every woman you meet is actually ready for a lasting relationship. Some only just need a financial bailout. Don't let your loose hips lead you into something that will sink you. As A serious Man the higher you elevate your woman and treat her well, the less available she makes herself to other men. When you are stingy and treat her bad, you make her accessible to anyone she thinks will treat her better.

Finally let me tell you the secret true about

Relationship, If "life" can remove someone you never dreamed of losing, "God" can replace them with someone you never dreamed of having. Just because you see one chapter ending in your life, It doesn't mean that there is not a better one currently being written. One that will have you rejoicing in tears of joy, Instead of dealing with tears of pain like you always have been. Believe me when I tell you this,
"There is still someone out there who believes in the same kind of love that you do". Someone who doesn't need a million chances to get it right, They just want to show you a million ways why everyone else got it wrong. Yeah, Those kind of people still do exist ... Dear friend it is written, "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?"

God will remember you again, don't lost hope,it is well,you are getting marriage Soon in Jesus Name Amen.
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