MUST READ: 5 Reasons Why More Women Manifest Spirits In Church.

Warm greetings from Africa, my friends. Have you ever realised that usually, women manifest demonic spirits more than any other group?

Apart from the obvious reason that more women go to church than men, could there be other reasons for this? Knowing these reasons will help any woman stay away from demonic attacks for a long time. here are a few reasons why:

1. Women constitute a great percentage of people at the receiving end of many forms of abuse. This brews anger, bitterness, rage, revenge and many other forms of discontent. Such conditions are very conducive for demonic influence. Even witches and wizards target women more. Men and friends of women must learn to treat them in love, God's love which loves regardless of their strengths or weaknesses. 
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2. In most cultures, women are oppressed. Oppression is mistaken for submission therefore in many cultures for a woman to be respected and heard they have to have a spirit. An example is that, in traditional African culture, women who are possessed are highly esteemed and respected, sometimes even over men. For some women, spirit possession is the only way to freedom in our patriarchal societies. People must just be respected for being born of God.
3. Most women have issues dealing with their emotions. It takes the presence of God for some women to deal with the past and forgiveness. Holding on to the past hurts with an attitude of un-forgiveness opens doors for demonic attacks. Let us learn to forgive.
4. Most witchcraft which involves attracting people and money is done through women and body parts because their bodies symbolise a sacred creation that men cannot resist. they use the same irresistible attracting power to attract customers and wealth. Women must trust in God to protect them.
5. Women are more intuitive than men. They can easily tap into the spirit realm, no wonder why when your wife warms you about a friend or woman, 99% of the time they are right. When they continue opening their spiritual radar but without Jesus demons infest them to use that powerful gift.

Abuse against the girl child must just end. LOVE YOU GIRLS! Well, I have much more to say but for now please discuss this and SHARE! You can get more by following me on Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Instaclips, subscribe to my personal Website and across all social networks.

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