GOT TO SEE THIS: Parenting And Friendship Tips

If you have a daughter or a sister who's grown, always check on them. Give them money now and then to buy pads, under wears, and maybe toiletries. Females sometimes would never ask for these things from us, but they genuinely need them. 

They might ask from the wrong persons.

If you have friends/relations who are students, call them sometimes, check on them. If you have $5 or $10 give them. Life as a student sometimes gets really tough. Your kind gestures to them, goes a long way in helping them keep to a positive line.
Men, if you have friends who are currently jobless, call them sometimes in solidarity. When going for a hair cut or shave sometimes,make them come along to get a hair cut or shaved too, while you pay.

When recharging your phone, do recharge theirs too.  It may be nothing to you but sure means a lot to a jobless or poor fellow. Their ego wouldn't allow them to ask for it.

When your friends are into business, patronize and support them even when it means adding a little tip for them, please do it. It wouldn't cost you much.
Instead of buying beer for your friends, why don't you buy them food?

Sometimes, our friends, colleagues and maybe family,go through a lot but wouldn't dare tell us. Please give a helping hand today.

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