Are You Suffering From Anti Marriage Spirits, Spiritual Husbands or Wives? READ THIS!

Are you suffering from anti-marriage spirits, spiritual husbands or wives or do you struggle with any of the following:

1. You are frequently intimate with someone in the dreams.
2. You are deprived of intimacy within your the marriage.
3. Something or someone has stolen affection and attraction for your husband or wife.
4. You just hate your husband or wife and cannot understand why..!
5. You are living a life of immorality and cannot break away.
6. No man or woman is proposing love to you ... and you are deprived of marriage.
7. You struggle with barrenness and having children is next to impossible.
8. You struggle with unexplained diseases and sicknesses
9. You have unexplained hormones issues (You are a woman but to feel like a man or you are a man but feel like you are a woman).
10. For no apparent reason, your wife disrespects and does not submit to you as a husband.
If you struggle with any of these then you are the best candidate for deliverance. Seek out a church ministry that teaches the Bible and deliverance and get deliverance. Also follow Apostle Pride Sibiya as he teaches how Jesus Christ can deliver you in many of his articles, sermons and books. Like Apostle on Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter, Web, Google+ and all social media.

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