All Single Mothers Listen: You Are Heroes!

To all of you who are keeping it tight regardless of the fight, wherever you maybe, I know what you’re going through as your hash reality remains so true. 

Yea! I see your pain through your strength.. Standing tall while your backbends.. Carrying burdens not meant for you while playing roles that are meant for two... Suffering, yet smiling and hiding that storm that rages within. Now, let me tell you something...Being a single Mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you hardly know existed.
Single mother and child
You stride like an African lioness making that hunt for the gain of your seeds constrained by your feeble being yet attaining more than you ever thought. It will never be in vain, that struggle that you so boldly exhibit. The virtues you have ingrained shall dry your tears tomorrow so maintain your fight to love, care, protect, and provide for that seed which you and your former partner planted, but left only you to water.
To all you women playing the father figure for men who have failed to do that which is their God-given responsibility and to all the widows - I salute you. To the hand that rocks the cradle, that superwoman with a noble cause, I salute you. I doff my hat for all single mothers because your pain has made you change. The change has made you grow and God will surely reward your strength. Keep doing the good work of motherhood. Respect to Y'all. 

By Ribexy X Chilaz
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