TRUE OR FALSE: Apostle Says, Most Girls Have Been Impregnated And Aborted! MUST READ THIS!

Hello great boys ... Hello great girls! Greeting from Apostle and mama Sibiya. Today, I want you to understand that girls have a toll order in this regard. I will write your own, boys!

It is almost every young girl's dream to one day be walked down the aisle to meet her dream man. When a boy comes close to a young girl and shows aspects of liking her, or is it loving her, or tells her so it is not just words.

The tell-tale signs or the words are seeds.

The word seed comes from the same root as sperma which is sperm. When a girl gets nice words of love, she receives that seed, likes it and immediately becomes pregnant in her mind. Young guys understand this. Speaking to a lady words of love is impregnating her...all of a sudden that embryo begins to grow. While you are not taking much into your words, she is already pregnant and the baby is growing: she is seeing your wedding, four kids, naming them, Christening them, living with you till death do you part. This is how they were created!
Worried, Pregnant Girl
Unfortunately most boys them withdraw their commitment. While for guys its a simple thing, for ladies it's an abortion! You just aborted a pregnancy. She is will take time to trust another one...another will be judged because of you!  Hurt ladies, hurt others. This is how wickedness, prostitution and all sorts of straying start from these beautiful women. Most girls have been impregnated and have aborted!

Guys let us men-up and be responsible for our "pregnancies".
Do you know that Apostle Pride Sibiya and mama love you too much-wooo?!

Girls do you agree? Have you ever aborted a dream? Talk to me!


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