Plant Seeds Of Honour: Honour Your Father

"The eye that mocks at his father ... the ravens of the valley shall pick it out, and the young eagles shall eat it."

When God gives you biological or spiritual parental figures, never fight them or seek to dislodge them or fail to honour them. Many years ago Morris Cerrulo met with a son God had used him to raise at a conference. He expected his son to greet him but he was ignored as the son sought the father to come to him since he now led a bigger ministry than the father.

Cerrulo went over to greet him and was greeted with pride. He said to the son, meet you when you are down.
Father and son
Within a year, the young man was humbled after losing many things in life including the ministry.
Whether right or wrong, I don't know but I learnt how to honour fathers!

Bless all fathers.

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