MUST READ: Their Grass Is Greener Than Ours!

Have you ever found that we all gravitate towards the successful people. We want to be associated with those who are doing well, which is good because it means we appreciate the good taste of their pudding. 

I have also seen that at times we are tempted to move over the areas where things look better i.e greener pastures / grass. When your business is not performing you are tempted to move to the line of business of a friend who seems to be doing well.

If you are an employee you will want to change jobs and for a citizen you may consider immigrating to a "better" country. If it is relationship you may consider leaving your partner for another but for marriage "God forbid" in Nigerian tone but in the mind or on talk you may hear people say things like "I wish I married or was married to ..."
Grass Is Greener
Why? Because grass is or looks greener on the other side. That is when people say I am looking for greener pastures. But what can you do when the grass is greener on the other side. Grass can only be greener when you put attention and focus on it. If you ignore it, never expect it to be greener and better. During a dry season take time to water it and fertilize it. Remember it does not just turn green as you start but you need to be consistent and patient and you will see it getting better.
In a wet season you have to deal with the weeds. Work on your ground, feed it just be responsible and your grass will be greener. Visit the person on the other side and learn how they keep grass green and do the same. Don't abandon you marriage, business, ministry or career just because someone is doing better somewhere else. Also don't be quick to jump ship.  Work on it, feed it and cultivate it.

When grass is greener on the other side, go there learn how they made it greener and go to your side cultivate it, fertilise it, remove weeds and follow the ways of the other side.

Great day and Stay Blessed.

Grad Zimunya

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