MUST READ: Sibiya On "Back To Sender" Again

Love is the fruit of the Spirit. Hatred and revenge belong to the flesh (Galatians 5). Today when people pray, they are not centred on God but on enemies. 

"Kill them, rain fire on them, break their jaws, release sulphuric acid, or back to sender," is what prayer is now about. Well we have to know that if you live under the principles of God in the Kingdom of God no witchcraft can penetrate you(Numbers 23). The reason you are bitter against enemies is because you feel they are being successful in attacking you. Do not be weak, be strong.

The Kingdom of God is greased, oiled and perpetuated by just one motive: love. The Bible says that, love covers a multitude of sins. Even when sins are there, love covers!
Back to Sender
When you want to overcome a shark, bring it outside water, in the waters you will not overcome, it is its best atmosphere, its habitat. You must know that the enemy does not want you to love because no demon can operate in an atmosphere of love.

Their kingdom is of hatred, bitterness, anger, revenge and all. They operate powerfully in this realm. When you attack the devil do it from a stand-point of love because when you try to stand in bitterness, anger, resentment, revenge, you will never overcome the devil by his trademark.
Zvawakakwamatata kuti vafe, vakazofa here? (Did they die?).
Ko vakafa vaurayiwa naani? (If they did, who killed them?).
Usati kana watsamwa woti naMwari atsamwa! (If you are angry does it mean God is angry?)
Before grace found you if Christians then prayed that prayer would you be alive?
Ita sababa, vanonaisa mvura mumunda wemuroyi the same nemamufundisi!

We do not fight against flesh and blood but demons(Ephesians 6). BE CAREFUL OF WITCHCRAFT IN REVERSE! Is "back to sender" New Testament theology? Pastors, be careful of bringing hatred and bitterness with you to God's kingdom. Simon in the book of Acts was saved, baptised, an influencer in Church but Peter discerns a spirit of bitterness in him. Be not do the work of God out of bitterness but LOVE. Do everything by LOVE

I love you too much

Apostle Pride Sibiya.

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