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Giftedness is no guarantee of fruit, it simply guarantees effectiveness in an area. Gifts require management and mentoring if they are to go from just being effective to a place bearing fruit. 

Gifts do not always translate to being visionary. Gifts can exist without vision, by vision I am referring to that exceptional quality of being able to redefine an organization, community, city and even the world and their respective trajectories.

A gifted person who is wise will find a visionary to submit to, as it is there that their gift can find placement and utility, as well as progression. Their character can be molded and their anointing can be deepened.
Father and son
Visionaries do not need to be exceptionally gifted in terms of preaching, teaching, prophecy etc. Though many visionaries tend to be gifted in key ministry gifts. What visionaries possess is exceptional leadership, enabling them to congregate around their visionary leadership, gifted people.

A visionary can take their gifted people further than the gifted person can take themselves. In an apostolic house gifts have to come under the command and direction of the vision, otherwise the gift becomes bastardized and thus illegitimate and possibly even barren if corrective action is not taken. Gifted people have to battle pride and ego, because what others struggle with, they can do with ease and without training, anointing or character.
I salute gifted people who can submit under visionaries of seemingly less gifting. I have a friend who used to submit under a visionary who was not a gifted pulpit ministry, but was very effective at working the back office of ministry. My friend is more gifted behind  the microphone and thus felt he was misplaced, so he left and aligned to a more gifted individual who was not as visionary.

My friend is now without a ministry, as he thought his gift was the reason his assembly was growing, yet it was the back office expertise of his Apostle that was growing that assembly.

Let us never be made proud or arrogant by our own giftedness. Gifts make room, but they do not build.

To the visionaries I say, never go out of your way to get gifted people into your fold, as long as you keep building they will come to the brightness of your rising.

  • By Pastor Edwin Ngoni Tawengwa, City On A Hill Church, Centurion, Republic of South Africa.
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