MUST READ: Ladies' Greatest Oppressors Revealed

Greetings friends. Apostle Pride Sibiya here. Some men have been very androcentric and oppressive to women leading to a number of conferences and laws adopted in order to save the girl-child from abuse. 

Men should just stop oppressing ladies at all cost.

However, having survived the past four decades, I have lived enough to see that the greatest oppressor of women is not men! Women are! Yes, I just said so. Ladies are the greatest oppressors of ladies!

Back then, I board a bus, get a sit, bus is full and a pregnant woman becomes a standing passenger.  Although I am not a gentleman, I have to stand for her(which is expected) yet I never get pregnant and do not even have experiential knowledge of how hard it should be for this woman. Meanwhile ladies sit by and watch her suffer with that tummy!
Beautiful songstress, Yemi Alade
If I decide to marry my bae, a single mother with two kids, papa has no problem with it but why Pamela? My sister, Pamela, and mama will fight tooth and nail against her!

Even when I am married, we all, boys, can live preety well but my wife and my father's wife (my mother)...eish!

If me and wifey fail to have kids, my mom and sisters...I will not speak! some will even look around for a replacement for me. Meanwhile Papa has not problem

The last one. When a man gets into a room he instantly notices the most beautiful woman...when a woman gets into a room, she too instantly notices the most beautiful woman. Why? You can tell me!

Okay the final: when I meet a guy wearing the same shirt with me, we hug, take selfies and celebrate this "twinning." When ladies find someone with the same hairstyle...ah hers is the genuine Brazilian cut and the other is just a cheap.
Did you know as men go about their business a lady and her lady boss are constantly bad-mouthing one another? As men are busy watching T.V, the lady of the house and the helper at home are fighting for the man's attention? Do you know most of the prophets' and witch-doctors visitors are women seeking to topple another woman from her home or revenge for being toppled out of her marital position? Do you know that women would rather fight and accuse each other when they are in a love triangle leaving the real culprit? Can you imagine that men are not complaining about fake body parts or pix but a sister exposes her own kind publicly? I can go on and on! My point is clear: LADIES ARE LADIES GREATEST OPPRESSORS! Sister SEND THIS TO ANOTHER loved sister and let love lead us!

Now let us receive Jesus Christ and go to church. Get a new mindset.
"I plead with Euodia and I plead with Syntyche to be of the same mind in the Lord" (Phillipians 4:2).

What do you think? Talk to me now!

By Apostle Pride Sibiya

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