MUST READ: Dear Responsible Single Moms I Am Sorry For Forgetting This!

Being a single mother, or any single parent for that matter, means you encompass the roles of both parental figures. You are not only the breadwinner, but in charge of the domestic duties, too.

You make sure your children are fed, arrive to practices on time and are bathed before bed. You have to work twice as hard, usually without compensation or reward.

I commend you, single mothers, for making ends meet, for still cooking dinner after long days and for still loving your kids just as much, if not more.

Thank you for showing the children what it means to have courage.
Single mother
You take a risk with your career, your home and your friends, all for a new life of purpose and freedom. You know it would be challenging, and you know you would not receive immediate gratification, yet you leave anyway.

You show the children that no one deserves to be bullied in his or her own home; thank you for standing up for yourselves .

Single moms, thank you for proving to women everywhere that some of the strongest women are the ones who are independent.

Thanks for proving that some of the sweetest, most selfless individuals are the ones who must escape the realm of normalcy, the social stigma of the nuclear family and live life outside of the socially constructed boundaries we have accepted for so long.

Single moms, we may not say it, but we are so thankful for you. Am so sorry for not showing enough appreciation and speaking ill about you. God richly bless you!

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We love you, and the society would not be the same without you.

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