LADIES: Real Life Experience: These Preety Angels Can Be Mean, Especially To One Another

Ladies, as beautiful as they are, can be very mean to one another. Most of the times when men are double-crossed they meet-up and plan to embarrass the lady, calling her names ... which is wrong! 

However, for ladies this story, from someone we will call "Lovebird" illustrates the other side:

Apostle, I honestly do not know where jealousy amongst sisters came from. This is what happened to me a few years ago.

I dated a guy and we had a long-distance relationship. I found out later that he was cheating on me with another lady and I got buttered. I realized later that the lady knew that I was in love with him, to her I became the main chick and her, the second. she then sent texts saying that we did not deserve such a man and I agreed. I left the guy because I knew I deserved someone better.
LADIES: Real Life Experience: These Preety Angels Can Be Mean, Especially To One Another

The lady kept checking on me asking me if I had moved on. How are you? Who are you seeing now? that guy was a total mess! These were her words

I was shocked, when I realized all this while she was marking her territory, stabbing me in the back and making sure that I am no longer with the guy. In as much as I had said that I am done with the guy, I felt what this woman did was utterly evil.

Apostle Pride Sibiya, thinks that, sisters must just love one another. In the same way men are their brother's keeper, ladies should be their sisters' keeper. "Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves." (Romans 12:10)

What do you think?

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