HUSBANDS AND WIVES: The Story Of Many Miserable Husbands.

Some Husbands Live Miserable Lives. Some men are respected leaders at work and in the community but they are kicked around like kids by their wives at home.

Your husband will never become the leader God wants him to be if you are not willing to follow. A virtuous woman nurtures and encourages the leader in her man. Your husband may never become an executive, a president, a mayor or even a manager or supervisor. But when he comes home after a day of toil at the hands of other men; make him feel like a King in his home.
Abused Husband
A man who is not respected and appreciated in his own home is living the most miserable life. Don't ride on your man. Don't tear him down by criticism and disrespect. It reduces him to a mere boy. Besides every successful man is a virtuous woman. (Proverbs 31:23) Build your man up with words of encouragement and let him know that while others may dishonor or disrespect him, you have his back. Be your husband's number one cheer leader.
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