Grace To Buy A House In A Foreign Land Thanks To The Grace Upon Apostle P. Sibiya

Greetings to my beloved Bishop, Daddy and Mamma Apostle Sibiya.

I thank God for allocating me to you as my Spiritual Parents. Ever since I started fellowship with you in 2009 after mother Chivi introduced me my life changed for the better. 

I used to be a very shy person but now I can confidently stand in front of the congregation and preach. My Prayer life has changed a lot. I can now proudly call myself a spiritual Giant. Thank you mom and dad for allowing the Grace of God to flow through you in my life. 

My life has been full of testimonies. The greatest of them all is that I got a prophecy from Dad in 2016 during Tiyambuke, he said I will buy a house. Time passed and I asked myself how especially in this foreign land but above all circumstances I kept on believing God for a miracle. I had many encounters with Father Apostle and he kept repeating the same prophecy. 
Grace To By A House In A Foreign Land Thanks To The Grace Upon Apostle P. Sibiya
Then one day I just decided to try and apply for my dream house, I must say obviously it has been very difficult. I kept in Contact with my Bishops , Mom and Dad Overseer Masenyama, DP. Mom and Dad Makore and my resident Pastors mom and Dad Mutasa. During the times were my application was declining I would call them and say zvirikuramba but they gave me hope and kept encouraging me to try again. 

They even helped in fasting. 

After all the Prayers heaven opened for me and I was approved for the same house that was declined. Bear in mind that this happened in a foreign land after both our passports and permits had expired and we had reapplied, meaning I got approved before supporting documents were there. This is truly a miracle. 

Indeed God is still speaking.

I would like to thank Overseer Maseyenyama for the prophetic words, when they left my place they said we will never set foot in this house again but next time we will be in your own home. 

Thank you my Bishops for your prayers and encouragement. 

I love you so much!
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