COUPLES READ: There's A Reason Why It Is Called "Love-Making!"

Every husband needs to know that his wife will only be sexually satisfied when he has emotionally satisfied her. That is why it is called love making. 

It is a process & it can start from morning and end at night. It certainly does not start & end in bed.

Don't abuse your wife and expect her to enjoy making love with you. Treat her well and meet her needs and you will enjoy even as she gives her all. Don't leave home insulting your wife and come back horny and expect her to receive you well.
There's A Reason Why It Is Called "Love-Making!"
You can know how to turn her in bed and you are as hung like a horse but, until you are able to satisfy her emotions, she will never enjoy being with you in bed.

That is why most women fake orgasm, just to get it over and done with because they feel disconnected emotionally. Treat your wife well and you will have the best of her.

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