All the Single Ladies: Fatherly Counsel!

I beg you from my heart and for your future sake to please adhere to these few instructions.

1. Never love a man that does not love you in return.

2. Never try to change your man's lifestyle (you can't change a grown man, that is the work of the Holy Spirit) 2 Corinthians 5:17. Always pray for him if you are convinced that you both can make a Godly home.

3. Never give your man sex to show how much you love him, sex can never equate love (Premarital sex kills relationship) if not relationally, spiritually.

4. Never hope on your man for financial freedom, we all need support.

5. Never stop praying and trusting God for the right man, only God can bring him to you.

6. Never trust in your beauty, its only character that can keep you in marriage. (Don't be deceived, real men prefer respect to beauty) Proverbs 31:30.
Ini Edo, An Actress.
7. Never try to please your man, be yourself and involve him in proactive communication so as to know him better before marriage.

8. Never compare him with your ex (he is not your ex) give him the due respect for his own uniqueness.

9. Never try to lead him no matter your temperament demand. "Men are configured by God to lead their wives."

10. Plan less for your wedding day and more for your marriage life, wedding is a day event but marriage is for life.
11. Don't allow anyone to compel you to marry a man you are not sure of, "marriage is by choice and not by force.

12. Never abandon God in any relationship you find yourself (God knows him more than you do).

Love you all daughters.

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