A MUST READ: The Secret Of Women Revealed At Last!

At one time, a newly married young man was shouting at his 20 year old wife and his father called him aside and said to him, 'We only shout at people our shouts or threats can frighten. 

But not to your wife. The way you are shouting, you are giving away your power to your wife.  Your threats make her stronger. Most men believe that when a woman is threatened, she gets subdued,  but women are not changed with fear.

A woman may  stay quiet when a man is  shouting at her but she is not sitting down inside her. She is evaluating the man's weakness and how to subdue him rather. Cast your mind back to those days when men used to  beat their wives  at the slightest provocation, today most of  those men are older and they suffering the consequences.

 Those women whose husbands were beating them years back are the ones enjoying the marriage with their children today, the mothers have their children's sympathy, the men are at the receiving end. Let it be made clear to men that the way into a woman's heart is not to try to belittle her. God spoke to men and said, 'Husbands, love your wives.’ Do you need an elaborate explanation of this scripture? Love makes women weak. When you truly love a woman and show it, she will submit to you naturally without qualms.

The 'lion' in men does not scare women or get them to submit to you, it is love that conquers a woman, not force or threats. This might subdue fellow men, but not your wife. Women naturally know how  to survive pains. They can walk to the fearful serpent or lion and make their demands. They have resilient spirit.
The Secret Of Women Revealed At Last!
There are things women fear but not the lion inside men. They can submit and respect their men so foolishly that you imagine that there is no gut inside them. They have guts men don't have, love your woman into submission. Men  don't have compatible or cordial relationship with women by showing the lion inside them. God knew women before us and said that we show love them than threaten them. He gave men the formula, recipe for a blissful, joyous and fulfilled homes, LOVE YOUR WIVES!
This formula of loving your wife will help you win her.  When a woman is loved, you break all her guts and she stays in your hands. A woman can do anything to stay with a man who is honestly in love with Her.

 Talk gently to your wife, love her, pet her, don't shout at her, and you will win her and make your points!

Do not arrogantly display your weakness as a man by shouting.

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