18+: Women's Response To Mide Martins Sentiments On Having It From The Back

There are so many different opinions about how doggy style feels. It’s the favorite sex position in Zimbabwe and is constantly voted as one of the favorites in the U.S and rest of the world. 

Actor Mide Martins, married for fifteen years and mother of two says that, doggy style is the best for women. Here are some responses from women.

Here are some of the exciting opinions by women who first this position.

Because the man deep in and it feels so animistic and hot and submissive! You just bend over and make the guy do all the work and go as hard as he can, plus I can play with my cl*t along with it which makes me even cum faster and harder.
18+: Women's Response To Mide Martins Sentiments On Having It From The Back
Doggy style is great because it allows for deep, hard penetration, it can stimulate a woman's G-spot; it makes it easy for a woman to play with her cl*t, and its not overly tiring for either partner.

I really think it’s possible for most people to find some version of doggy they’d enjoy, because there are so many ways to mix it up with this position. It can be more or less intimate, more or less intense, more or less… well, just animalistic. But if it’s not for you, then it’s not for you, obviously.
For the same reasons we like the other positions too. S*x is great. Each position brings a slightly different friction, depth, visual point of view, ease of stimulating breasts or cl*t, comfort, intimacy, etc.

Again, we just like how it feels.

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