My father Apostle Pride Sibiya called me saying son where are you, can you come home. I ran as fast as I could. 

To my surprise he gave me his Suit that you see me wearing on the pic. Before I came to think of anything Apostle prayed for me  and said some words to me. I don't even  know how I got home. As I  got home I put it on. When he gave me he said its, dirty because he was wearing it that day in-order to anoint it before giving me. He advised me to take it to dry cleaner but I didn't do that.
Testimony - Miracle of Impartation
Testimony - Miracle of Impartation, Apostle Pride Sibiya
That night I had a dream seeing every member of Glory Ministries in our district with their problems. In one of the dreams  I prayed for a certain lady and an evil spirit came out of her. The following Sunday I wore it dirty as it was.

I preached one of Apostles sermons titled Uprooting the Evil Foundations. The lady that I had prayed for in the dream was there in the church. When I was praying for people she was the first person I prayed for and exactly as it was in the dream so it was in the service, she manifested demons.  I realized that it was was the impartation from my father. The suit was not ordinary suit. Though dirty on the outside but spiritually it was and is still loaded.
Now I understand how Elisha used the mantle that was on Elijah to do miracles. The issue was the anointing on the mantle, just like what happened when I wore the suit from my father Apostle Pride Sibiya.

Pastor Kuda