Ramba Uchitapira: The Story Of The 3 Sugar Canes

There is a story I want to share with you about 3 sugarcanes. once upon a time there was a meeting of 3 groups of sugarcanes. They were sharing about their experiences.

The first one complained about their environment and said, "I was planted behind my landlord's house. All the lodgers would dispose all the dirt water on me (from the dishes and laundry ). Even though the water was dirty and sometimes oily, I chose to be sweet."

The 2nd one said, I was planted in the river banks of the city rivers (Mukuvisi, Sakubva etc). The water was highly polluted and sometimes raw sewage and aborted babies would pass through me. Regardless of all these conditions I chose to be sweet.
The Story Of The 3 Sugar Canes
The 3rd one said, I was planted down in the rural areas. There was no maintenance. All I know is farmers would come at harvest time with fire. They would burn, cut and send us to the market. The farmers would get money out of us but I chose to be sweet."
Do you find yourself complaining or blaming your environment for your failures or bad behaviour?  Do you have bad things you do and say, because my boss is rude, I am poor/ a widow/orphan etc no matter how bad your environment can be, you will never have enough reasons to be bad. Its a matter of choice to be bad or good. Don't ever put the blame on the environment. The 3 sugarcanes chose to be sweet.

The Lord is with you...may you choose to be sweet no matter what. Be good all times and turn all the dirty water and sewage into sweetness. You can do it. God deposited in you the capability to turn dirt water into sweetness. He will help and empower you ONLY IF CHOOSE TO BE SWEET. Receive Jesus Christ as lord and Saviour today and go to church.

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