MUST READ: Two Critical Things God Must Help You Know As a Couple

Women: May women know that giving gifts to men is not as important as giving them honour. Men are not wired to receive gifts, though it is good, they are wired for honour. 

Though not acceptable your hubbies leave and live with women you wonder what they loved about them ... they loved honour, honour is more powerful than your round figure and bling!

Some of the most beautiful ladies are failing in marriage ... honour your husband please, please please!
Couple sleeping
Men: All your money cannot keep your wife happiness. It is better to live with a poor man who gives you attention and love than with a rich man who you share. No wonder the garden boy you look down upon performs your "duties."

Please, please,please give attention, love and value your wives!
Please take care of your loved ones, let a man be father, a woman be a mother not vice-versa, we do not want boxing in bedrooms. God please make someone take me serious, thanks Papa!

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