MUST READ: I Wept Uncontrollably When I Learnt This

“Tomorrow is the day that we are all going to visit and take some necessities to our brethren that are in prison.” my wife said. 

I remembered that, the next day was a public holiday, so we were all allowed to visit. It was going to be a great visit, to see people that had in prison including some that I knew personally.

When the morrow arrived, I was very excited and could not help but dream about what it would be like. Obviously, it was going to be a great day. Visiting has always been great. Like many other visits to different places, I hoped that this visit to teach me one or two life-lessons. And I was not disappointed! Or was I not?

Let me get to the end of the day and then tell you what I learnt. By the end of the day I had to be helped walk out of the prison campus as I was weeping all the way. Believe you me, I was not sick. I was emotionally touched by what I saw. Indeed, I learnt but not through the way I had imagined.
When I got into the prison campus, I saw people that I loved with all my heart in leg-chains. These “wonderful and precious” people were not seen as such here. They were labelled as “dangerous criminals.” Just the sight of seeing a lovable person talk to you but behind thick iron bars was worrying in itself. News that they did not have enough food was something else. There is a lot of food back home…yes there is but when you are in prison you cannot have it. These people had a lot of time on their hands but could not use the time to visit a friend or go to work. These people wanted to do great exploits for family and friends but the bars inhibited them.
They wanted to run like all of us but the iron chains in their legs “argued” against their case. They had a lot of good intentions and duties to perform and transform the lives of billions in the world but they could not do any of those. They had a whole world to fly to and see but for now they were forced to see the world only the bars allowed them. The key word is that they were “restricted.” I learnt, in a new way, that day that: in life you may have a lot of good intentions, plans, desires and even a lot of resources and time but as long as you are restricted you can never accomplish anything. To be in prison is to be controlled, confined, constrained, limited and regulated.

Friends Jesus Christ came to set you free. why are you running away from Jesus? A life without Jesus is in chains and in prison. Receive the Lord Jesus Christ today and inbox me for deliverance.

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