Another "Presidential Amnesty": You Are Free!

I was extremely hurt by the life I saw people living in a prison.

You may have been a handsome man but in there you become their wife.
You may have a company outside but you cannot lead it.
You may have all the time to visit family and friends but you are bound.
You do not eat what you want.
You cannot go were you want.
You cannot do as you will!

African prisons are like hell. While I was hurt by what I saw and learnt this day, I also realised that they are many people who are walking the streets physically scot-free but are either spiritual or ideologically bound or imprisoned.

Are you not “free but bound?” Are you not God’s beloved but living in sin and rebellion against God? Handsome but not married? Pretty but unnoticeable? Have all the plans but still remain unsuccessful? Educated but can never be employed? Powerful but not strong? Aren't demons ruling and reigning your life?
Another "Presidential Amnesty": You Are Free!
Satan hates mankind whether they work for him or not…he just hates them and wishes all misfortune to them. He therefore wants to take man captive so that he fights the intents and purposes of God on the earth. Satan wants you to be in his bondage even though you may not be in a physical prison.

Many people left prison when a presidential winner declared amnesty. Thank God that on the cross Jesus Christ won the “Presidential election” and sounded the jubilee trumpet for us all. The question now is are you willing to take up emancipation?(Ephesians 4:8-10). I, as your relative have come to take you. Are you willing to be set free from a life of limitation and confined?
Today start praying against all wickedness, Satanic bondages, Satanism, witchcraft and wizardry, curses and magic, spells and juju against your life. Jesus hears you!

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By Apostle Pride Sibiya
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