The Role Of The Pastor's Wife: Pastor Hamunyari Njagu

There is nothing that is too hard than being a pastor’s wife, this role requires a big heart and patience and above all God’s enablement. Being married to a pastor is not as simple as many people think. 

A pastor’s wife is as good as the pastor because of her duties why I say so is because some churches do underrate pastors’ wives.

By Pastor Hamunyari Njagu
A woman is a suitable helper to any man she is married to and when it comes to a pastor’s wife now, the woman is a suitable helper to the pastor, family and the work of God. Pastor’s wife goes beyond being the mother of her house to be the mother of the body of Christ.
Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti and Bishop Eunor Guti have led by example
The roles of a pastor’s wife are many and very hard when they are done without the Holy Spirit. Being married to a pastor is good but it needs God’s grace to be suitable for expected duties of a pastor’s wife, so a pastor’s wife is there to support the pastor in different ways.

Below are some of the roles that may help a pastor’s wife achieve her duties:

1. Prayer:

The pastor’s wife should remember that working for God is not easy there are many temptations and obstacles that needs prayer. The wife should stand and pray for the man of God in support of the progress of the work of God. Even when things are not okay in the house prayer is a necessity in the work of God.

2. Mother to all:

A pastor’s wife should be a mother to all. Some pastor’s wives have failed in some churches because they select people, befriending congregants there by creating some divisions within the church which will then destroy the work of God in the long run. The pastor’s wife should have the agape kind of love so as to be able to embrace everyone in the church and the body of Christ as a whole

3. Language:

Pastor’s wife should mind her language, for example in many cases we hear of stories were people despise the language of a pastor’s wife because some of them doesn’t know how to speak to congregants and they do not know words to use as mothers in the body of Christ. It’s not bad to correct congregants but when correcting them good language should be used with a right motive to avoid destroying them spiritually. Some people who will be babies in Christ will leave the church because of the language or the words that will have been used to them by the pastor’s wife.

4. Support during preaching:

The pastor needs great support when preaching, the wife is supposed to stand with the man of God when he preaches so as to have power and to release what God has given him. The pastor’s wife can also do silent prayers while the pastor preaches for great things to happen in church services and this will help the flow of the service.

These are only a few roles of a pastor’s wife given above but they are many, so it’s good to be supportive in the work of God as a pastor’s wife. Above all we have to surrender all to God.

Pastor Hamunyari Njagu and her husband, Pastor and Chaplain Njagu are Glory Ministries' pastors, presently in Odzi, Manicaland, Zimbabwe.

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