No-matter how much you dislike a congregant in church never stop loving them. Everyone is important in ministry even the worst of the worst some say. 

Judas was evil but I always ask who else would have facilitated our redemption. Some of the people you dislike are sent to build your character and teach you to love without measure so if I were you I would forgive that person you dislike and start learning what you are suppose to learn remember this is God's work not yours you are just a steward.
Anna Tendayi Chiweshe Sibiya
A steward is only there to take care of that which he was given not to kill it so never destroy a soul no-matter how wrong they have done to you remember it you who is saying I am wronged not everybody.
A true mom does not hold a grudge against her own children she loves them all with their different traits and natures them to that which God has given you grace to. Love is not a word to be preached but it is a word that is practiced.

By Anna Tendayi Chiweshe Sibiya