A MUST READ: Hey!!! Put Your Dog On The Leash!

Once there lived a dog that hated it's leash. Whenever it saw other dogs rooming around freely ,pain and rage would seize it as it wished for freedom.

One day the neighbors threw food in the bin. It was troubled imagining if it wasn't for the chain, it would run to the bin and eat it's heart out. In no time another dog came and started eating the left overs. Halfway eating, all in the eyes of the  dog, and  heart  burning with desire. The dog started acting funny, sickly, coughing and before it finished eating eventually it died, and the dog on the leash was terrified by what it saw.
Protected Dog
Right then the dog realized the importance of the chain . It thanked the owner in the inner  heart, because of the chain it didn't die when it was supposed to.

God's commandments are like chain that keeps us from being contaminated by the world, we often times fight to break free and  eat the poison of the world, which comes from the devil.
When we see others who live with no boundaries, it seems as if all is well in their lives but know that they are in danger. DOG ON THE LEASH, HUMANS TO GOD'S WORD. When you try to live by the word of God you're going to be laughed and mocked at. Do not be discouraged because it's to influence you to break the chain that's keeping your life safe. Stay firm and focused on Jesus don't eat from the devil who'll take you to hell.

Today let's go to church, receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Go  to a word based church.
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