Madzimai: Mashoko Echenjedzo Muwaniso NaMai Nyanhongo

Number one rule: Ida Mwari kupinda murume. God first, always.

Don't make your husband an idol. If you do you will be very disappointed. Murume is not equipped to fulfill your spiritual needs, and he can't. 

Jesus needs His place in your heart, not God and everything else will fall into place.

I learned kuti correction and guidance that comes from the Holy Spirit is sound and stable. Haina ma extra ears and iwewe mukadzi are the foundation of a stable home. You set the standard for the mood in your home. If I am sick my kids walk around scared and if I am okay our house is a noisy home filled with laughter. Let your home be your own love island.
Mudzimai ndiye musimboti
Your family can struggle outside but mumba ngamuite a happy and inviting atmosphere.
Most of all, laziness is not natural. Shanda. Kuroorwa haisi course. Bofu rinotoroorwa risina kuona aroora. Be self sufficient whether you are a stay at home mom or you work from home.

Financial independence makes gives you value and worth.
By Getrude Mbedhle Nyanhongo
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